March 2012

We have been working together for many years with John and Karin and there are no other "Metal Craftsmen or Craft women" with so much feel for the aesthetic design and technic as they have. We have planned and worked on with numerous projects together including stair railings, Monitor housings, Fireplaces, Tables, assorted custom furniture construction, Show Room displays and an un-told amount of custom constructions. It has been and still is a total pleasure to work with them and I hope for a continued working relationship and the realization of the wishes of our customers well into the future-

                  Axel Erdmann
April 2012

As Custom Landscaper I am always looking for special one of a kind things for my customers. With the discovery of the Stainless Steel Atelier Crouse, it was certainly one of those finds. Till this point, Stainless Steel for me was certainly not my first choice because of its cold lifelessness that I had experienced up till now. Stainless Steel Atelier taught me something different: Here Stainless Steel has literally been brought to life with a warmth breathed into it.
That the full function be filled is one thing and through the exceptional work quality being combined, is nothing less than Credo.
This said, their Stainless steel is so crafted that it creates a special atmosphere. An Entrance Gate that in the warm light of a sunset turns into a "light Sculpture", is only one perfect example of the versatility and design possibilities offered by the Stainless Steel Atelier.  As customer, one is certain that here is no "mass production", "mass design" but special one of a kind products-
                                                            Harald Lebender
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Private party- October  2014

From Oberasbach to Lake Konstanz and Switzerland. We bought a garden gate from John and Karin and a second built. Both gates are nothing less than pieces of art work. The Crouse's understand what it is to make soft forms in Stainless Steel. No sharp corners or sharp edges - all work Clean, Exact and made precision, with love, Creativity obvious experience. We live in Switzerland and had our gate Inc. posts installed by a local professional fencing co... Everything fit together perfectly and without complications. We can only refer the Stainless Steel Atelier Crouse (Edelstahl Atelier Crouse)
                                                                                                        Warm Greetings, Susanne :-)) - Switzerland
Private party- October  2014

Very nice contact and professionel advice! Even over a larger distance the design and construction of our gate went without a hitch.  With the result that we are 100% satisfied with our gate and it looks live, much better than even in pictures.  Thanks again
                                                                                                                         LG Stefan - Dortmund - Germany
Private party- Juli  2014

Creation of our custom Stainless Steel Gate: Excellent planning and execution, high professional competence, a nice team, and absolute reason to pass on as a reference!
                     R.L.  -  Fürth - Germany
Private party- Juli  2013

Large Glass and Stainless Steel Balcony Railing. Super clean and professional job. The Crouse's always have Good ideas and every project is custom made to fit every customers wishes. All of our friends and family have really like the work as well. Top refferal for the team by Stainless Steel Atelier (Edelstahl Atelier Crouse)! .
                                                                                                                        A.R. -  Rostal - Germany

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Private party - Feb  2015

We had been looking for a long time for a gate to match that of our „Earth House“. By chance in our many searches in the internet we ran across the Stainless Steel Atelier. Being completely impressed with their “Mountain Gates” in there Internet gallery, we then didn’t hesitate in calling Karin and John. Both then visited us to check out for themselves, the special requirements and measurements needed on the ground here. Even their first conceptual drawings were much to our liking in that the house and the Gate were made to harmonize perfectly. The Mountain Gate that we received not only fulfilled our expectations, it went well beyond our wildest expectations. Visitors and even passers bye stop in their tracks and just stand in amazement at this piece of art work. We thank John and Karin from our hearts for the perfect planning and excellent execution of this project.
H. Höppner - Switzerland
Private- Juli  2016

Hello Familie Crouse,the
As promised a short feedback. The gate and railing arrived on friday without any complications or a single scratch here in Bebra. We have installed everything except the lock for now, and everything looks great. Everything fit like a glove and all measurements were right on. Because at the moment we have grey skys, we will be sending pictures in a few days when the sun is back out.
Again thanks for the really nice works of art.
Familie Ziegler
Über E-Mail  - Bebra
Private- Juli  2016

Guten Morgen Frau Crouse,

Our privacy barriers just arrived and I must say, they look absoluty awsomeJ !!! Thank you so very much for the top work . à We'll be sending pictures shortly.
Beste Grüsse
Raphael Suter

Über E-Mail  - Schweiz
Private- Dezember 2015

I can certainly warmingly refer this company. Super craftsmanship, quality and holding to time schedules seems to be this companys mark of exellence. Nothing standard here, rather custom and artistic for sure. Even with 320 km travel, their team was on the dot on time and worked very organized and accurate. The most impressive was the owner John Crouse, an American with a fankonian accent that was amazing. That what they realized here was absolutly top. There was nothing standard, and everything was measured here and planned to the smallest detail. The boys although they had a 3.5 hr travel time were here on the dot 8:15 am to start there installation that went off without a hitch. Small problems such as leaning wall etc. were here on site quickly and professionally solved and taken care of. What we ordered was'nt cheap but very well designed. This company we refer further with good conscience for those who are looking for something more than just industrial. A very warm thanks and gratitude for this complex and perfectly planned sliding enclosure. I felt from the beginning on in good hands.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Frank Niebuhr aus Partenheim bei Mainz.

Über Homify - Niebuhr  - Mainz

Private- Juli  2015

The Stainless Steel lining for our Garden Pools was certainly a challange for the team from Crouses Stainless Steel Atelier, and was carried out to our utmost liking. The pictures in their homepage under "Garden" demonstrates the absolut excellent work that they did. We certainly feel good about refering them further.

Richard und Sigrid Kopp

Über Homify - Sigrid Kopp  - Schwaig
Private- Juni  2015

For our house  have been looking for a timeless but still modern design for a garden fence-railing. Our "not" so nice looking garbage containers we also wished to have them tucked away into a designed housing intergrated into the railing.
We had a good feeling about the team right from the begining. All the way thtough from the talks, planning, and  authentic construction and installation. Two days that the instalation took place, John and Lucas were here, in the sweaty heat of the hot summer sun. We are more than pleased with the results and most of all the quality. Simply put, "Wow", one sees the love and passion to there work.

Dankeschön an Karin, John und Lucas.
Über Homify -
mini. linhardt - Oberführburg
Geschäftspartner - April 2015

We find that Stainless Steel Atelier Crouse to be a very reliable company that lays value on partnership and teamwork with excellent results. We can certainly recommend them without question.
Über Homify -
Marius Schreyer Design
Private- Nov  2016

Hallo Familie Crouse,

For our newly built house that we built six years ago, we have since then been looking for that last detail that would give our house that finishing touch in the form of a custom designed mailbox.
Because we live in the the wine country and that we have a close connection to nature, we had a good idea what we wanted.  In Spring we just happened to visit lake Brombach in Frankonia where we met the Crouses on one of there garten shows. There designs and creativity in Stainless Steel immediately fascinated us. Over the distance from Reinland to Franken began a team effort of creative design, a process with the end result that with one glance one sees the perfect harmony between the mailbox with glass roof and the completion of our house ensemble which gives back a great feeling every day. Thanks!
Top Design and perfect Craftsman ship.
Ihre Familie Obst aus Laubenheim /
bei Bingen am Rhein Über E-Mail
Family P. from Stuttgart
Owners John Crouse & Lucas Myers
Stainless Steel Atelier Crouse GbR
Since 1998
Owners: John Crouse & Lucas Myers
Stainless Steel Atelier Crouse GbR
Private-  2017

We are absolutely delighted with our new garden fence and security door. The new artisan stainless steel installation has really boosted the curb appeal of our house. We are getting thumbs up from the neighbors. We found John Crouse and the Edelstahl Atelier online in a random search. We knew we had to do something with the old concrete wall between our house and garage. The space served as an entryway to our backyard and provided privacy for the garden, but it was a real eyesore and seriously downgraded the appearance of the whole house. I loved the gingko designs on John's web site. The motif is peaceful, artistic, and enlightened. It seemed like the perfect touch for our contemporary, but very plain house. John responded promptly to my query with a telephone call. Although we live in a different part of Germany from his shop, John was able to work with us over the phone to visualize a suitable, modern stainless steel solution for this space based on the gingko pattern. We sent him pictures and he created plans for the space. We were so enthusiastic that we decided to replace the old security door at our kitchen with a stainless steel door using the gingko leaf pattern as well. We invited John out to our house to take precise measurements for the space and discuss the preparation for the installation. John coordinated effectively with another team of contractors who tore down the old wall and prepared the house and garage facades to create a fully renovated, unified appearance between the house and garage. John and his team delivered the project on time and within the agreed upon budget. He really went the extra mile to make sure that the new installation appeared unlike a regular mass market solution - but as a unique, artisan creation that is both visually appealing and fully functional for the requirements of this space. In proud moments, I like to think that I just got artwork installed in my front yard. Indeed the gingko leaf security door is almost too beautiful to be hidden on the side of the house. We have decided therefore, as we go along with more renovations, that we will continue working with John to integrate the gingko theme into other areas of the house to add character and charm, and boost curb appeal.

Projektdatum: September 2017
7Über Homify - J-Prause  -  Frankfurt
Private-  2017

Starting with our initial contact we felt welcome right off the bat from an unexpectedly warm reception.
The Planning and bid followed as well without a glitch as much so, our different conceptual design
and technical ideas that were handled with just as much patience and care to ensure we received
what wewere really looking for.
After holding to a precise and timely installation, a clean and perfect installation followed.
For that matter, the entire process was carried out from the extremely friendly and helpful Crouse Family
team that displayed a high degree of motivation and enjoyment on there amazing work and creations.
In the meantime, we have had two projects that we had the Stainless Steel Atelier carry out for us and
I must say both filled our 100% satisfaction and would for any further projects certainly make the same
decision. We are often from complete strangers asked where we found such a wonderful gate

Thank You Team Crouse

Über Homify - Pohl Jessika  -  Stuttgart
Private-  2018

Hello Team Crouse Over the Reference page from Homify I tried to place a photo but that was unfortunately not possible therefore I will send you a few with this E-Mail with our "Awesome" Garden Gate
all the way from the workmanship, all the way through the installation process (in February and in the Icy cold), as well as the entire planning and development, my husband and I,  were more than satisfied. 
Since our garden has taken two years to re-design and rebuild, our gate was just that crowning element that accented our new Wellness Oasis. We can definitely refer Team Crouse with a clear conscience to anyone looking for something special and individual.
S. und R. Opitsch -  Schopfloch by Feuchtwangen
Private-  2017

We stumbled across and got acquainted with Crouse's Stainless Steel Atelier in the Spring of 2017 on a Garden Market not far from Nürnberg. We were instantly enthralled by their presented pieces of Artistic Stainless Products. We especially loved their Garden Gate "Edken und Kanten", and in October our very own gate was installed. It, I must say accents our Garden Design and is thereby an Exclamation point and accent from the entire street.
Fam- Schiefer  -  Neustadt an der Aisch
Private-  2018

We are sending you some pictures of our entrance with the wonderful Stainless Steel Ginkgo Vine Gate as well as our Post Box.  We have received so many compliments for the new look to our garden and entranceway.
Through the combination of Gate with matching mailbox, everything looks all that much more exclusive. And the attachment of the Ginkgo Vine is simply the best.  We wish you continued success with your creative work.
Frau und Herr H.  - E-Mail
Private-  2019

Andreas Schnyder Andreas Schnyder
We have searched for a long time for our house in the Swiss Alps a special Garden Gate. It had to be something special, and couldn't warm up to anything we found until friends of ours brought our attention to the Architectural portal from Homify.
There we discovered the Crouse's Stainless Steel Atelier in Oberasbach Germany and knew instantly that this was exactly what we were searching for all this time and met our expectations. As inviting as the Website was, so was the warm, comfortable and competent customer service and planning from Lucas Crouse from the beginning on. Even though most of the planning proceeded over telephone and E-mail,   Mr. Crouse understood everything and was willing to hear our wishes and make changes as well as thinking into the project educating and alerting us to hidden problems and of course offering solutions. One really became through all the conversations a true picture as to what was developing. Through the intensive planning phase, we built up a trust that was never dashed. On-time Mr. Crouse personally delivered, installed and cleaned as well as explained in detail how to take care of the gate. He also told us that at any time we can call if we had any concerns, therefore we give Co. Stainless Steel Crouse five stars. If it were possible, we would give them ten stars but this is unfortunately not possible. We highly refer Crouse Atelier for any future and new customers. We are certain that Atelier Crouse will enjoy continued success being that father and sun through their humane and sympathetic approach to art and high-end work, they will fulfill many to come much product appreciation and enjoyment. Our neighbor's feedback was of aw and wonder so therefore with this, I say, so much thanks to the Crouse Atelier. We wish you and your family all the best! Anita and Andreas
Rated over Homify - Fam- Schnyder  -  Schweiz
Private-  2019

Dear Family Crouse, last year e had you brighten up the garden in front of our house. We are totally happy and everything went tip top. We are constantly confronted by our neighbors about how nice things have become. We have therefore decided to continue on to tha back and ofcourse with your work. Again Thamnks so much for your really nice work.
Sigmund and Ursula P.
- Fürth bei Nürnberg
Rated over  Homify
Private-  2019

Hello Mr. Crouse,
Once again thanks so much for your wonderful work and design for our designer interior chimney cover that has thoroughly surpassed our best expectations. It not only surpassed our expectations but completely fulfills the functional purpose of covering an eyesore and creating an eyecatcher that steadily gets positive comments from friends and family.
Fam. D - Schwabach   Bewertungen über E-Mai