John and Karin are unique in that they are a man and wife team brought together not only in life but in their work. Theirs is a unique fusion of talent and experience that comprises a compelling combination of technical and visual compositions created and brought together in Stainless Steel Design and proudly presented in this web site.

Karin, with a European eye for design and a passion for composition, is involved in every facet of design and production as well is a positive influence  directly involved in the conception of projects, welding and finishing. Karin has gathered in her time involved, a vast knowledge of technical know how through her hands on experience and along with that brings a “woman’s touch” delivering a positive element to the composition.

a native born Californian has over 30 years experience as an Architectural and Artistic Metal Craftsman. Half of that time he has spent focused extensively in the field of Stainless Steel Design where he found his calling. He started his first business in the Northern California, heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country. He specialized in Artistic Iron Gates and Railings. John has over the last twenty nine years gained an extreme amount of hands on experience in Europe. In Germany where everything has to be exact with no room for compromise, he has honed his skills in the technical, engineering and craftsman aspects of Stainless Steel. Add to this perfectionism his natural curiosity for experimentation. He has tirelessly worked on new techniques to exploit the properties within this cold hard medium of Stainless Steel to bring it to life.                                                                

with his wife, they share that passion and continue the tradition. They work side by side creating and fashioning one of a kind works involving Stainless Steel elements for both interior as well as exterior designs. They specialize in custom “one of a kind” creations to create un-rivaled splendor and quality. They work directly with customers and Architects who are open to new ideas of design to create the perfect  piece for the intended location.

“The only limitation is the imagination itself.” 

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